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Tarzan of the Apes is very much a product of its age: replete with bloodthirsty natives and a bulky, swooning American Negress, and haunted by what zoo specialists now call charismatic megafauna great beasts snarling, roaring, and stalking, most of whom would be out of place in a real African jungle. Burroughs countervails such incorrectness, however, with some rather unattractive representations of white civilization--mutinous, murderous sailors, effete aristos, self-involved academics, and hard-hearted cowards.

At Tarzan's heart rightly lies the resourceful and hunky title character, a man increasingly torn between the civil and the savage, for whom cutlery will never be less than a nightmare. The passages in which the nut-brown boy teaches himself to read and write are masterly and among the book's improbable, imaginative best. How tempting it is to adopt the ten-year-old's term for letters--'little bugs'!

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And the older Tarzan's realization that civilized 'men were indeed more foolish and more cruel than the beasts of the jungle,' while not exactly a new notion, is nonetheless potent. The first in Burroughs's serial is most enjoyable in its resounding oddities of word and thought, including the unforgettable 'When Tarzan killed he more often smiled than scowled; and smiles are the foundation of beauty. And with him, by force, he had taken Tarzan's beloved mate, Jane. Now the ape-man was following the faint spoor of their flight, into a region no man had ever penetrated.

The trail led across seemingly impassable marshes into Pal-ul-don -- a savage land where primitive Waz-don and Ho-don fought fiercely, wielding knives with their long, prehensile tails -- and where mighty triceratops still survived from the dim dawn of time. And far behind, relentlessly pursuing, came Korak the Killer. NOTE This book contains a glosasary at the end. Users of Microsoft Reader versin 1.

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His son is taken to Africa to be raised by cannibals, Jane is to receive a 'fate worse than death and Tarzan is marooned on a desert island, Tarzan's plight seemed helpless. But with the help of Sheeta, the ferocious panther, and the great ape Akut, Tarzan crafted his escape with the giant Mugambi. Yet the trail of the kidnappers led deep into the interior--and it would take all of Tarzan's skills to reach his family in time.

But following in the footsteps of his father, he reverts to a savage stage while battling for the lives of himself and his love. Gahan gives chase. By the time he finally catches up to Tara, she has forgotten who he is, and he assumes the name Turjun, a panthan mercenary. The Manatorians have elevated Jetan, Martian chess, to an unprecedented level of skill and excitement: they use live chessmen who fight for live princesses. Gahan finds himself fighting for Tara on the chessboard of Manator, and haunting O-Tar's palace.

He must struggle to overcome them all, if he is to set free his beloved Dejah Thoris from a nested series of 'Heavens within Heavens. And If he loses On this mountainous island live winged, humanlike creatures, dinosaurs, ferocious beasts of prey, Neanderthals, 'wild ape-men,' and monstrous reptiles; they terrorize each other, to say nothing of the mixed crew of World War I-era adventurers who inadvertently land on a Caspakian beach and fight their way across the island, dining on Plesiosaurus steaks and having a grand old time in the company of a jungle princess.

The story streaks onward like a bullet toward its surprise ending, and it's pure fun all the way.

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The Western Hemisphere stayed out of the conflict, as much as possible, using the slogan: 'The East for the East The West for the West'. For all this time the USA did not go past 30 degrees or degrees latitude. The aero-submarine, 'Coldwater' in command of Lieutenant Jefferson Turck is blown past the 30 in a raging storm. Damaged, the ship landed in Europe only to find that it was not the enemy that was expected but something entirely different. He travels on holiday to his mother's homeland - she always had spoken of how beautiful it was, but otherwise would tell nothing of her past.

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He quickly finds himself embroiled in political intrigue, fights for survival, not to mention sword-play as he is mistaken for But is the King really mad? Or was the story a fabrication of the evil uncle, who wants to rule? The people of the land think he's a hero. Edgar Rice Burrough's usual plot devices damsel in distress, heroism against long odds are well used here. An engaging read And, in proportion to their number which was considerably less, he knew the patrolmen and plain clothes men equally as well, but not so pleasantly.

And so the life and times of Billy Byrne. It has all the elements of the genre. The town of Oakdale is struck with a mystery involving robbery, marriage and the disappearance of a young girl. Things look one way, but are they really as they appear?

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As Norman, the Outlaw of Torn, the young man becomes the greatest swordsman in England and a fearless outlaw with a price upon his head who raises an army loyal only to him. Of course, although he is ignorant of his noble birth, he is drawn to the lovely Bertrade de Montfort, daughter of the King's brother-in-law, the Earl of Leicester.

This romance fits in nicely with the plans of de Vac, who contrives situations for the king to be responsible for killing his own son. The obvious comparison for 'The Outlaw of Torn' is with Robin Hood, but Burroughs' pulp novel has its own tale to tell. This is one of his best novels and as an example of the pulp fiction of the early 20th century it is a first-class work. Courtesy: Lawrance M. Remember, this was written in the s, but the adventure holds up even today. After a brief and harrowing period among men, he turned back to the African jungle where he had grown to manhood.

It was there he first heard of Opar, the city of gold, left over from fabled Atlantis. It was a city of hideous men -- and of beautiful, savage women, over whom reigned La, high priestess of the Flaming God. Its altars were stained with the blood of many sacrifices. Unheeding of the dangers, Tarzan led a band of savage warriors toward the ancient crypts and the more ancient evil of Opar.

Tarzan's son finds himself somewhat in his father's shoes, although their situations are reversed; Jack Greystoke starts a civilized English boy before circumstances force him to become an African tree-swinger like his father before him. Although the plot may feel familiar, the adventures are still exciting, and this is one of the last Tarzan books really worth reading, since it still contains continuity from the preceding novels Burroughs went to a much more discontinuous adventure style later in the series.

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If only to hear Tarzan lecture his son on the evils of jungle life, Son of Tarzan is worth reading. It's deja vu all over again, but worth the trip. To her secret shame Thuvia returns Carthoris' love, but she is already promised to another. When a rival prince kidnaps Thuvia and frames Carthoris for the deed, the son of the Warlord of Mars sets out to rescue the woman he loves no matter what it will cost him.

Undoubtedly the most disturbing but tense part of the story falls in the city of Lothar, where Carthoris and Thuvia must do battle with ancient Barsoomians who possess incredible powers of the mind. And the most unlikely hero of all turns out to be a fignment of a character's imagination. The gentle pokes in the eye at religion, evolution, science, and even racism continue but do not impede the readability of the story. Burroughs demonstrates his superb grasp of story-telling and the construction of adventure settings with a flair unsurpassed by any other writer of the 20th century.

Carter finds himself charging headline into a myterious northern world where ancient and legendary yellow men have survived in the harshest Barsoomian environment imaginable. Coincidentally, in classic Burroughsian fashion, Carter uncovers an incredible weapon which could destroy the fragile alliance of Barsoomian nations he has assembled in his long battle with the evil Therns. Some of the best are taken from P. You will surely enjoy these little gems. But it might be wise to read only when someone else is with you.

You'll meet old friends like Poe here and perhaps even encounter a new friend or two. Enjoy these stories because they just don't write like this any more. This series was indexed and annotated by Julian Hawthorne. Though recounted a number of years after the event it was still fresh in the lives and minds of the original audience.

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Factual and well written The Titanic dispels some of the common myths, such as the name of the last song the band played as the ship sank. Read this book to find out what song was actually played.